D.E.I. Solutions

From consulting and strategy development to implementation - education, and support, these comprehensive services can help your company thrive.

D.E.I. = Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Inclusive Leadership

Training & Advisory: Education, guidance and support for developing the 21st century leadership skills. Inspired by the Deloitte and Catalyst research, you can expect a behavioural transformation approach focused on the 6 signature traits an inclusive and conscious leader needs to develop: Commitment, Courage, Cognizance of Bias, Curiosity, Cultural Intelligence and Collaboration.

Deconstructing Unconscious Bias In The Workplace

Through a heart-and-mind approach, Daniela helps identify and address unconscious biases within organizations in a pragmatic and compassionate way. Challenge your perceptions - awake your minds.

D.E.I. Training For HR Leaders

HR Leaders are responsible for implementing existing procedures, processes, and policies. D.E.I. Leaders aim to challenge these policies, processes and procedures by diagnosing, questioning, exploring updates or creating new ones. Despite their deep interest and willingness to prioritize D.E.I., HR Leaders often struggle due to a lack of education and understanding of their own role related to this subject. This training is aimed at helping HR leaders better understand D.E.I. work and equipping them with the best tools to continue the work with more autonomy.

Intercultural Thinking

Promoting intercultural understanding from the inside out and fostering collaboration in diverse teams.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mentoring

6 months of guidance and advisory to help leaders (or future leaders) in their D.E.I. journey.

D.E.I. Speaker

Thought-provoking interactive talks. I will bring my intercultural and intersectional lens. As "D.E.I. Performative" can happen even in the most well-intentioned organisations, I will help you go beyond marketing initiatives through my talks.